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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Transform your ceiling into a focal point with our diverse Ceiling Lights collection. From the majestic Cascata Chandelier, with its wavy kiln glass, to the minimalist elegance of the Coda Pendant, each fixture is designed to make a statement.

Available in various finishes including polished brass, bronze, and smoked glass, these ceiling lights are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room.

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Array Opal PendantArray Opal Pendant
Array Opal Pendant Sale price£4,665.00
Audrey PendantAudrey Pendant
Audrey Pendant Sale price£1,469.00
Avalon Chandelier Extra LargeAvalon Chandelier Extra Large
Avalon Chandelier Extra Large Sale price£13,986.00
Avalon Chandelier MediumAvalon Chandelier Medium
Avalon Chandelier Medium Sale price£5,550.00
Avalon Halo ChandelierAvalon Halo Chandelier
Avalon Halo Chandelier Sale price£13,660.00
Avalon Halo XL ChandelierAvalon Halo XL Chandelier
Avalon Halo XL Chandelier Sale price£23,868.00
Avalon Large ChandelierAvalon Large Chandelier
Avalon Large Chandelier Sale price£8,100.00
Avalon Triple ChandelierAvalon Triple Chandelier
Avalon Triple Chandelier Sale price£31,100.00
Axis Pendant LargeAxis Pendant Large
Axis Pendant Large Sale price£3,732.00
Axis Pendant SmallAxis Pendant Small
Axis Pendant Small Sale price£2,780.00
Ball and Shade Pendant LightBall and Shade Pendant Light
Ball and Shade Pendant Light Sale price£3,050.00
Beni PendantBeni Pendant
Beni Pendant Sale price£1,615.00
Bertie PendantBertie Pendant
Bertie Pendant Sale price£430.00
Carter PendantCarter Pendant
Carter Pendant Sale price£1,530.00
Cascata ChandelierCascata Chandelier
Cascata Chandelier Sale price£8,910.00
Coda PendantCoda Pendant
Coda Pendant Sale price£695.00
Cosmo PendantCosmo Pendant
Cosmo Pendant Sale price£620.00
Cutting Edge Pendant LightCutting Edge Pendant Light
Cutting Edge Pendant Light Sale price£2,100.00
Edie 2 PendantEdie 2 Pendant
Edie 2 Pendant Sale price£935.00
Gabriella PendantGabriella Pendant
Gabriella Pendant Sale price£1,495.00
Geometric Task Pendant LightGeometric Task Pendant Light
Geometric Task Pendant Light Sale price£1,650.00
Giselle PendantGiselle Pendant
Giselle Pendant Sale price£1,890.00
Halo PendantHalo Pendant
Halo Pendant Sale price£585.00
Hilton PendantHilton Pendant
Hilton Pendant Sale price£545.00
Holt 5 Arm PendantHolt 5 Arm Pendant
Holt 5 Arm Pendant Sale price£2,079.00
Holt 6 Arm PendantHolt 6 Arm Pendant
Holt 6 Arm Pendant Sale price£2,400.00
Indi PendantIndi Pendant
Indi Pendant Sale price£385.00
Ivy Pendant 3Ivy Pendant 3
Ivy Pendant 3 Sale price£4,498.00
Ivy Pendant 8Ivy Pendant 8
Ivy Pendant 8 Sale price£10,620.00
Ivy Vertical 4Ivy Vertical 4
Ivy Vertical 4 Sale price£6,134.00
Khai Pendant LightKhai Pendant Light
Khai Pendant Light Sale price£1,225.00
Kobi Double PendantKobi Double Pendant
Kobi Double Pendant Sale price£645.00
Luna PendantLuna Pendant
Luna Pendant Sale price£545.00
Lunar - LargeLunar - Large
Lunar - Large Sale price£5,228.00
Lunar - MediumLunar - Medium
Lunar - Medium Sale price£4,282.00
Marnie PendantMarnie Pendant
Marnie Pendant Sale price£1,195.00
Mezzo Bathroom Wall Light - LargeMezzo Bathroom Wall Light - Large
Mezzo Bathroom Wall Light - SmallMezzo Bathroom Wall Light - Small
Mezzo PendantMezzo Pendant
Mezzo Pendant Sale price£572.00
Miko PendantMiko Pendant
Miko Pendant Sale price£710.00
Milo PendantMilo Pendant
Milo Pendant Sale price£605.00
Modula Grid - 11Modula Grid - 11
Modula Grid - 11 Sale price£12,322.00
Modula HorizontalModula Horizontal
Modula Horizontal Sale price£6,338.00
Nara PendantNara Pendant
Nara Pendant Sale price£515.00
Nula VerticalNula Vertical
Nula Vertical Sale price£549.00
Pole Dance Pendant LightPole Dance Pendant Light
Pole Dance Pendant Light Sale price£1,380.00
Ring Cluster - 4Ring Cluster - 4
Ring Cluster - 4 Sale price£793.00
Ring Cluster - 5Ring Cluster - 5
Ring Cluster - 5 Sale price£992.00

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