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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

From simple pendants to feature chandeliers, these are our favourites ceiling lights we have used in many of our projects

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Array Opal PendantArray Opal Pendant
Array Opal Pendant Sale price£4,665.00
Avalon Chandelier Extra LargeAvalon Chandelier Extra Large
Avalon Chandelier Extra Large Sale price£13,986.00
Avalon Chandelier MediumAvalon Chandelier Medium
Avalon Chandelier Medium Sale price£5,550.00
Avalon Halo ChandelierAvalon Halo Chandelier
Avalon Halo Chandelier Sale price£13,660.00
Avalon Halo XL ChandelierAvalon Halo XL Chandelier
Avalon Halo XL Chandelier Sale price£23,868.00
Avalon Large ChandelierAvalon Large Chandelier
Avalon Large Chandelier Sale price£8,100.00
Avalon Triple ChandelierAvalon Triple Chandelier
Avalon Triple Chandelier Sale price£31,100.00
Axis Pendant LargeAxis Pendant Large
Axis Pendant Large Sale price£3,732.00
Axis Pendant SmallAxis Pendant Small
Axis Pendant Small Sale price£2,780.00
Ball and Shade Pendant LightBall and Shade Pendant Light
Ball and Shade Pendant Light Sale price£3,050.00
Cascata ChandelierCascata Chandelier
Cascata Chandelier Sale price£8,910.00
Cutting Edge Pendant LightCutting Edge Pendant Light
Cutting Edge Pendant Light Sale price£2,100.00
Geometric Task Pendant LightGeometric Task Pendant Light
Geometric Task Pendant Light Sale price£1,650.00
Ivy Pendant 3Ivy Pendant 3
Ivy Pendant 3 Sale price£4,498.00
Ivy Pendant 8Ivy Pendant 8
Ivy Pendant 8 Sale price£10,620.00
Ivy Vertical 4Ivy Vertical 4
Ivy Vertical 4 Sale price£6,134.00
Lunar - LargeLunar - Large
Lunar - Large Sale price£5,228.00
Lunar - MediumLunar - Medium
Lunar - Medium Sale price£4,282.00
Mezzo Bathroom Wall Light - LargeMezzo Bathroom Wall Light - Large
Mezzo Bathroom Wall Light - SmallMezzo Bathroom Wall Light - Small
Mezzo PendantMezzo Pendant
Mezzo Pendant Sale price£572.00
Modula Grid - 11Modula Grid - 11
Modula Grid - 11 Sale price£12,322.00
Modula HorizontalModula Horizontal
Modula Horizontal Sale price£6,338.00
Pole Dance Pendant LightPole Dance Pendant Light
Pole Dance Pendant Light Sale price£1,380.00
Ring Cluster - 4Ring Cluster - 4
Ring Cluster - 4 Sale price£793.00
Ring Cluster - 5Ring Cluster - 5
Ring Cluster - 5 Sale price£992.00
Ring PendantRing Pendant
Ring Pendant Sale price£982.00
Roma PendantRoma Pendant
Roma Pendant Sale price£3,160.00
Route I Pendant LightRoute I Pendant Light
Route I Pendant Light Sale price£1,650.00
Signature Pendant LightSignature Pendant Light
Signature Pendant Light Sale price£2,850.00
Sphere and Cut Circle Pendant Light
Sphere In Stadium Pendant LightSphere In Stadium Pendant Light
Split Circle Pendant LightSplit Circle Pendant Light
Split Circle Pendant Light Sale price£1,200.00
Torres Pendant
Torres Pendant Sale price£1,647.00
Torres Pendant TallTorres Pendant Tall
Torres Pendant Tall Sale price£1,810.00
Trevi Multi Pendant - 10Trevi Multi Pendant - 10
Trevi Multi Pendant - 10 Sale price£4,850.00
Trevi Multi Pendant - 6Trevi Multi Pendant - 6
Trevi Multi Pendant - 6 Sale price£3,429.00
Trevi Pendant LargeTrevi Pendant Large
Trevi Pendant Large Sale price£3,763.00
Trevi Pendant SmallTrevi Pendant Small
Trevi Pendant Small Sale price£2,450.00