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Lighting is key to all our projects, as the right lighting can make or break the room.

This is our curated collection of beautiful lighting as seen in many of our projects, from sculptural wall lights to statement chandeliers

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Abstract Wall LightAbstract Wall Light
Abstract Wall Light Sale price£572.00
Acropolis Table LampAcropolis Table Lamp
Acropolis Table Lamp Sale price£2,289.00
Alamo Table LampAlamo Table Lamp
Alamo Table Lamp Sale price£1,045.00
Amelia Table LampAmelia Table Lamp
Amelia Table Lamp Sale price£935.00
Array Opal Table LampArray Opal Table Lamp
Array Opal Table Lamp Sale price£1,306.00
Array Opal Twin Wall LightArray Opal Twin Wall Light
Array Opal Twin Wall Light Sale price£961.00
Array Opal Wall Light - SingleArray Opal Wall Light - Single
Array Twin Table LampArray Twin Table Lamp
Array Twin Table Lamp Sale price£1,836.00
Audrey PendantAudrey Pendant
Audrey Pendant Sale price£1,469.00
Avalon Chandelier Extra LargeAvalon Chandelier Extra Large
Avalon Chandelier Extra Large Sale price£13,986.00
Avalon Chandelier MediumAvalon Chandelier Medium
Avalon Chandelier Medium Sale price£5,550.00
Avalon Halo ChandelierAvalon Halo Chandelier
Avalon Halo Chandelier Sale price£13,660.00
Avalon Halo XL ChandelierAvalon Halo XL Chandelier
Avalon Halo XL Chandelier Sale price£23,868.00
Avalon Large ChandelierAvalon Large Chandelier
Avalon Large Chandelier Sale price£8,100.00
Avalon Triple ChandelierAvalon Triple Chandelier
Avalon Triple Chandelier Sale price£31,100.00
Axis Pendant LargeAxis Pendant Large
Axis Pendant Large Sale price£3,732.00
Axis Pendant SmallAxis Pendant Small
Axis Pendant Small Sale price£2,780.00
Azalia Table LampAzalia Table Lamp
Azalia Table Lamp Sale price£715.00
Balance Floor LampBalance Floor Lamp
Balance Floor Lamp Sale price£1,950.00
Ball and Shade Pendant LightBall and Shade Pendant Light
Ball and Shade Pendant Light Sale price£3,050.00
Beni PendantBeni Pendant
Beni Pendant Sale price£1,615.00
Bertie Floor LampBertie Floor Lamp
Bertie Floor Lamp Sale price£1,600.00
Bertie PendantBertie Pendant
Bertie Pendant Sale price£430.00
Big Bulb Opal Wall LightBig Bulb Opal Wall Light
Big Bulb Opal Wall Light Sale price£707.00
Blanca Table LampBlanca Table Lamp
Blanca Table Lamp Sale price£1,055.00
Block Wall LightBlock Wall Light
Block Wall Light Sale price£490.00
Book Ends Table LampBook Ends Table Lamp
Book Ends Table Lamp Sale price£1,150.00
Braque Table LampBraque Table Lamp
Braque Table Lamp Sale price£1,970.00
Caius Table LampCaius Table Lamp
Caius Table Lamp Sale price£960.00
Callie Table LampCallie Table Lamp
Callie Table Lamp Sale price£620.00
Carter Floor LampCarter Floor Lamp
Carter Floor Lamp Sale price£1,439.00
Carter PendantCarter Pendant
Carter Pendant Sale price£1,530.00
Cascata ChandelierCascata Chandelier
Cascata Chandelier Sale price£8,910.00
Clio Table LampClio Table Lamp
Clio Table Lamp Sale price£1,090.00
Coda PendantCoda Pendant
Coda Pendant Sale price£695.00
Cosmo PendantCosmo Pendant
Cosmo Pendant Sale price£620.00
Cut Triangle II Floor LampCut Triangle II Floor Lamp
Cut Triangle II Floor Lamp Sale price£3,150.00
Cutting Edge Pendant LightCutting Edge Pendant Light
Cutting Edge Pendant Light Sale price£2,100.00
Dance Of Geometry Table LampDance Of Geometry Table Lamp
Dance Of Geometry Table Lamp Sale price£750.00
Disc and Ball Floor LampDisc and Ball Floor Lamp
Disc and Ball Floor Lamp Sale price£1,950.00
Disc Wall LightDisc Wall Light
Disc Wall Light Sale price£480.00
Dome Table LampDome Table Lamp
Dome Table Lamp Sale price£780.00
Dori Table LampDori Table Lamp
Dori Table Lamp Sale price£620.00
Dream Wall LightDream Wall Light
Dream Wall Light Sale price£620.00
Dura Table LampDura Table Lamp
Dura Table Lamp Sale price£915.00
Edie 2 PendantEdie 2 Pendant
Edie 2 Pendant Sale price£935.00
Elara Table LampElara Table Lamp
Elara Table Lamp Sale price£675.00
Exhibition Wall LightExhibition Wall Light
Exhibition Wall Light Sale price£610.00

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